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Modus Vivendi - Polkadot Bottomless - Black
Manufacturer: Modus Vivendi
24.90 EUR 18.90 EUR
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Modus Vivendi - Polkadot Bottomless - Black
Your underwear has become stained and breathes a playful, classic mood that draws attention to you.

The Modus Vivendi Polkadot open back boxer shorts are a must-have for men who feel comfortable in dotted fabric. Designed to stay cozy all day, these briefs have a soft outer waistband with the Modus Vivendi logo and a contoured pocket with monochrome trim.

Wear it with primary colors and denim and you'll have the savvy style you always like to wear.

Care: machine wash 40 °C

Material: cotton 95%, elastane 5%
Color: black